Professional-Grade Supplements

Richardson Compounding Pharmacy carries over several different professional-grade and condition specific nutraceutical lines - many available only through licensed healthcare professionals. We pride ourselves on setting the standard for offering the highest quality and innovative nutritional formulas in the professional marketplace

How Can Quality Be Determined in a Supplement?

Most people expect all nutritional supplements to have the same quality from company to company. They do not realize that supplement quality can vary tremendously between brands. This can not only impact how well a supplement works, but whether the product contained in the bottle is actually what is stated on the label.

Freshness and Stability

Vitamins and herbs lose potency over time, no matter how carefully they a"re processed and packaged. Therefore, it is important that nutrient and herbal manufacturers buy small lots that are quickly processed to be made available to the consumer as soon as possible.

Standardized Potency

The potency of the biologically active components in a supplement can vary wildly, depending on what part of the plant is used, the time of year it was harvested, how long it was stored, and how it was processed. The most reputable supplement manufacturers use herbs with a "standardized" potency, so you will know exactly how much of the active part of the herb you are getting.

Nutrient Availability

Because it is more cost effective, many nutrient or herbal companies tightly compress their ingredients into capsules or hard tablets. Very often, companies do not test to determine how rapidly their products break down in the digestive tract. This additional testing can add to the cost of the product, but if the product is not properly broken down and distributed throughout the body, it cannot be utilized and may be of no benefit.

Manufacturer's Representative

Many supplements available are manufactured by multiple companies depending on which company offers the lowest price. So even though the labels may look the same, the quality of the product may vary greatly from batch to batch. While this manufacturing method assures the cheapest price, it makes it very difficult to track down the manufacturer for any particular batch. Our manufacturers maintain a staff of highly trained professionals who can quickly and expertly answer any questions or concerns which may arise.

Only Licensed or Certified Professionals Make Recommendations

Professional-grade supplement lines are not sold in big chain retail or online stores because these manufacturers believe that proper education by licensed healthcare professionals is vital to the proper use of their product. At Richardson Compounding Pharmacy, only specially trained and licensed pharmacists consult with customers on professional-grade supplements. You can rest assured that you are getting expert advice.

Our pharmacists take time to listen and understand each patient's health concerns and unique body chemistry, developing a customized nutritional program and/or working with physicians on a targeted treatment plan to restore health and promote long-term wellness. Stop by one of our pharmacies or give us a call today for personalized supplement recommendations.

Listed below are a few nutritional supplement lines we stock in our Pharmacy:

  • Metagenics
  • NuMedica
  • Orthomolecular
  • Restored Balance
  • Standard Process
  • Xymogen